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Our lawn mowing service is about more than just cutting your grass and calling it a day. We pride ourselves on providing lawn mowing services that not only make your lawn look great, but help to improve your lawn’s overall health too. We’ve got the tools and passion to provide awesome lawn care and mowing for all properties, from suburban lots to acreage mowing.

Why is regular lawn mowing important in Townsville?

Regular lawn mowing is essential in Townsville, not just for keeping your lawn looking nice, but also for ensuring the overall health of your lawn!

Here’s why it matters:

Promotes healthy growth – even cuts ensures all blades get equal sunlight access, critical to lawn health.

Prevents disease – lawn disease is more likely to happen when the grass is long and damp.

Reduces pests – poorly maintained grass can be a breeding ground for various insects and pests that cause damage to your lawn and other garden areas.

Promotes mulching – those smaller clippings that occur via lawn mowing decompose quickly and return beneficial nutrients to the soil (pretty good hey)

Controls weeds – certain grasses will outcompete weed species when they are mowed to the right height.

Let’s face it, an overgrown lawn is unsightly. Regular mowing keeps your lawn looking neat and makes you a good neighbour!

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What's included in our Lawn Mowing Service?

Standard inclusions

We tailor our lawn mowing service to meet your needs. Typically, we will consider the following services as part of our standard package.



Cutting your grass to the ideal height. This will vary depending on the type of grass and time of year. Our team will cut your grass to the best height for current conditions.

Edge Trimming:

This involves cutting the grass along the edges of the lawn – usually areas where the mower can’t reach like along pathways, edges and near fences.

Clipping Collection:

Depending on your lawn’s needs, we will either remove clippings or mulch and turn to the lawn to provide nutrients.


Clearing away leftover clippings from walkways to ensure a neat finish. 

Additional lawn care services

Sometimes our clients’ lawns will need some extra care. If we feel it’s required, we will speak to you about adding these services to your package:

Weed Control:

If we identify weed that we can effectively treat, we will let you know and discuss adding this service to help your lawn thrive. 

Pest and Disease Assessment:

If we are concerned about any lawn pests or diseases, we will chat to you about pest and disease management and how this can be integrated into your lawn mowing package for best outcomes. 


Fertilising based on your grass type to support your lawn’s healthy growth. 

Residential Lawn Mowing

If you’re keen to regain your weekends, Townsville Lawn Mowing Co. can help! We truly understand that not everyone is as passionate about lawn care as we are. Many of our customers struggle to find the time to maintain their lawns on-top of their already busy schedules.

That’s why we offer super flexible, affordable residential lawn mowing and lawn care services for home owners all around Townsville. 

Our residential mowing includes all of our standard inclusions. When you book our lawn care service, you can also add on any of our other services to provide a holistic garden care experience! This includes everything from general gardening, yard maintenance and hedging through to landscaping and turf laying.

Commercial Lawn Mowing

Greet your customers and clients with a well mowed lawn and make a truly great first impression. Our commercial lawn mowing service helps get your commercial premises looking its best, while also keeping your lawn at a safe length creating a more accessible environment for your customers. 

Our commercial service is best suited to larger lawns. 

Give us a call today to see how our lawn mowing service could help improve the visual appeal and safety of your commercial premises.

Acreage and Ride-On Mowing

If you’re based on acreage or a larger estate, you’ll be well-versed with how much time and money maintaining expansive lawns takes. Let us manage this for you with our ride-on mowing services, ideally suited to estates and acreage property. A cost and time effective service, you’ll be thrilled to see how we can quickly transform large expanses by ensuring tidy and correctly trimmed lawns.

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